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Show Notes (KCP000)

Keto Confidential Podcast: Introduction, About Me And My Struggles With Diabetes And Obesity.

My name is Todd Gamel, I am a 55 year old white male with eighteen years of restaurant experience in which I earned three culinary degrees (AAS Culinary Arts, AAS Baking & Pastry, and AAS Hospitality Management. At the age of 40, I left the culinary world behind me to pursue a career in medicine. For the past fourteen years I have worked in the medical field as a nurse, the last 11 years in the intensive

My Health History (before keto)

5’9”, 248 lbs, 46” waist
Hypertension (lisinopril 40mg), Diabetes Type II with a Hgb A1c 7.3, (Lantus Insulin, Metformin 1000mg BID, Trulicity).

My Health History (22 months keto)
5’9”, 170+ lbs, 32” waist
Normal Blood Pressure (off lisinopril), Normal Hgb A1c (Off Insulin and Trulicity), but continue to take Metformin 500 twice a day by choice.

My Lab Work

Note: The normal range of Hgb A1c for non-diabetic patients is 4 – 6. Three months after being on a ketogenic diet my hemoglobin A1c was already normal and I the non-diabetic range.

April 6, 2016, Hgb A1c 7.3 (pre-keto)
September 8, 2016, Hgb A1c 7.1, LDL 38, HDL 34, Total Cholesterol 92, Triglycerides 101
December 15, 2016, Hgb A1c 5.5
June 15, 2017, Hgb A1c 5.1, LDL 56, HDL 62, Total Cholesterol 128, Triglycerides 51
June 6, 2018, Hgb A1c 5.2, LDL 58, HDL 120, Total Cholesterol 120, Triglycerides 41

After 22 months on a ketogenic diet I have no signs of high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease. I attribute all of this to the ketogenic way of eating (WOE).

Who Can Benefit From This Podcast?

Diabetics, primary focus on type II diabetes.
People struggling with obesity.
People with high cholesterol.

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