Ketogenic Forums

I have been asked many times by people if I have a Facebook group, or if I could recommend one. Honestly, I think Facebook is a poor product when it comes to sharing relevant information in which you want a dialogue. Social media platforms are designed so that you can give a “shout out” to your friends, share a funny video, post pictures, and keep in touch with friends and family. As a discussion medium however it is a poor platform at best. The way Facebook and Google+ are designed makes it hard to sort through the messages in any effective way to properly communicate on a specific topic. That is why Carl Franklin and Richard Morris (Hosts of ‘2 Keto Dudes’ podcast) created the ‘Ketogenic Forums‘.

So if you want a safe place where you actually interact with others and not be bothered by the numerous “trolls” on Facebook and other social media sites, then the ‘Ketogenic Forums‘ is they place I recommend. There are however, a couple of key things you need to keep in mind. 1) The Ketogenic Forums are owned and operated by ‘2 Keto Dudes LLC’ and are not associated with the ‘Keto Confidential’ podcast. 2) I am not an administrator, nor do I have any say on what goes on in the Ketogenic Forums, I am just an active member like everyone else. 3) If you have any specific questions regarding this podcast, do not post them in the ketogenic forums, please send them to me at and I will get back with you as humanly possible. So to join the forums, click on the link below.


2 Keto Dudes ‘Ketogenic Forums’